DOCTOR WHO Comic Con Preview!

So at the Doctor Who panel at Comic Con today they released a new preview for the second half of season six and my brain exploded upon watching it. Kaboom.  No more brain.

But really, this looks amazing.  There’s Hitler, Silence, River, and Weeping Angels.  Not to mention the Doctor in a tux (more please!) and Craig from “The Lodger” making an appearance!!  We seriously have to wait? Patiently and everything?



Katie: So! Torchwood: Miracle Day.

Kayla: Yes!

Katie: Has Jack had work done?

Kayla: In what sense?

Katie: He seems thinner and maybe a bit, uh, stretched in the face.

Kayla: Hmm. I hadn’t noticed but it’s definitely possible.

Katie: I’m referenceing here “Utopia,” since we haven’t seen Jack in a while. But I do think he looks thinner and kind of stretched.

Kayla: I’m not the most observant when it comes to changes in appearance, but I believe you.

Kayla: Hmm. I can see it now that you mention it. Interesting.

Katie: Anyway, what’d you think overall of the episode?

Kayla: I loved it! I thought it did a really good job of not only setting up the arc for the season but also introducing Torchwood in general to American audiences.
Plus, I’m absolutely in love with the concept.

Katie: Me too! I’m SOO intrigued. And there was very little reference to aliens, which I think is important because hard-core Sci fi fans will know Torchwood, but others who might be turned off by perceived little green men, those more fans of The Walking Dead or Camelot, will be sucked in before the aliens arrive.
I also giggled quite a bit at the whole “What is Torchwood?” plotline. “No, not Touchwood. Torchwood. T-O-R-C-H-W-O-O-D.”

Kayla: Haha, that was quite amusing. I think they found a balance too between introducing the show as though it’s brand new and making references for long-time fans.  Like Jack calling himself “Owen” during the autopsy part.
Which, how freaking creepy was that whole scene?! When they snipped his head from the body and he opened his eyes! I think I may have squealed a bit.
But in horror.
Not the same squealing as when Jack showed up.

Katie:  I KNOW! I screamed when he said that!!!! Well, it was sort of a high-pitched wimper. “Owen!!!!”
Very creepy, you’re right
Absolutely not the same squealing.
And I like that new Americans fans are learning about the team as the American characters are. They don’t know what it’s weird that Jack is injured and not healing– which OMGOSH, btw!!!!– but they know from his and Gwen’s reactions that it’s strange somehow. And, right at the end, Jack said he’s mortal. Not a normal reaction.

Kayla: It actually didn’t occur to me until that point at the very end that a lot of the people watching wouldn’t know that he’s immortal.  I was freaking out as soon as he saw his cut arm, obviously, but I didn’t think that most people wouldn’t be.

Katie: Me neither. But, just enough attention was drawn to it that they’ll know, probably, that something’s up.
Also, I’m now TERRIFIED! They CANNOT kill Jack, but for the first time he’s wounded!

Kayla: I KNOW!

Katie: What or Who can be powerful enough to undo what Bad-Wolf-Rose did? And, Esther and Jack both have big bruises on their sides, which won’t heal. It makes me think of how easy it is to get hurt, how fragile our bodies are. I’m starting to feel
like Wolverine just because I can heal normally.

Kayla: Haha! I have no idea who could do it, but clearly it’s no good. I almost wonder if maybe the whole thing is a plot to get at Jack specifically.  Like maybe it takes the
rest of the world being changed to undo Bad-Wolf-Rose and they just want Jack
to be mortal again. But it could just be a coincidence.
It’s not like he doesn’t have enemies who wouldn’t mind dead Jack with a side of Earth

Katie: Haha. Too true! And it could be. If the baddies-in-black (I’m going to call them BIBs until we have another name) know that Jack can be hurt and not heal,  no wonder they’re all out in force trying to shot, maim, and blow him up! But, just because he can’t heal, like everyone else, doesn’t mean he can die any more than anyone else. I think Russell T. Davies is going to make the rules more complicated than they seem to be right now.

Kayla: That’s a good point. We won’t know if he’s immortal still until he gets hit with something fatal.

Katie: Which will absolutely terrify me! But even so, typically Jack dies, then comes back to life. It hurts, but he comes back. He could conceiveably die, then deus ex machina it turns out that he just can’t come back until after everything gets sorted out and people start dying again.

Kayla: I sincerely doubt that they’d kill him off for real so I’m not too terribly worried.  Though, anyone else on the show is fair game as far as I’m concerned. They proved that with Owen and Tosh and Ianto (IANTOOOO!!).

Katie: Sadly true. I’m thinking Gwen may be a staple now, though. Although, Rhys and the baby (did you ever catch her name?) are fair game I think.

Kayla: Her name’s Anwen, I believe. And how much do I love protective mommy Gwen?So freaking much!!

Katie: Did you notice in the 10 min preview a couple weeks ago that Gwen referred to her husband and daughter in the past tense? I’m so concerned for them it’s not even funny!

Kayla: I know! Me too!

Katie: The earmuffs!!!!

Kayla: YES!!!

Katie: I want Jack to babysit in crazy amounts! I just want him to hold her, at least, for, like, every episode. At least once an episode will be fine with me.

Kayla: Oh, at least. He also NEEDS to sing her to sleep at some point.

Katie: YES! The singing! Okay, what should he sing? Let’s brainstorm.
(Russell T! Listen up, please!)

Kayla: Hmm.  That’s probably the most important question we’ve raised yet.

Katie: Too right.
‘Castle on a Cloud’ cuz it’s be tragic.

Kayla: So true.

Katie: Maybe Nat King Cole’s “Love” because it’d be adorable and Jack does tend to like that era.

Kayla: I’m not familiar with that one but the era would fit him well.

Katie: It was the opening song in “The Parent Trap,” when Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson are dancing at their cruise wedding, if that helps.
“L is for the way you look at me.” etc

Kayla: OH! Yeah. I just never knew the name of it I guess.

Katie: I have the soundtrack. 😛
Maybe “Home” by Michael Buble, though it’s not too lullaby-esque.

Kayla: Excellent choices. I’m having trouble thinking of a suitable lullaby because I’ve got Pandora playing Britney and Bruno Mars in my ears. Although, “Just the Way You Are” could be cute and modern.

Katie: Ooo! I’d so fangirl sqee over that one.

Kayla: Haha. Now Russell has several suggestions to choose from! But he needs to make it happen. For reals.

Katie: I think it’d be cool if “Catch a Falling Star” had some nifty alternate meanings that help them fix the planet.
Yes, Russell T. Davies. Please!
OOH! Winnie the Pooh song!!!!!

Kayla: YESSSS!!

Katie: “Return to Pooh Corner”

Kayla: I have a feeling we could do this all day. 🙂

Katie: Also, even “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” could be poignant and sweet. Geez- John Barrowman could sing the alphabet and I’d want to cry.
But you’re right.
We should talk about non-cute things.

Kayla: I suppose we should. And there are plenty of non-cute things to talk about. Like the creepy murderer!!

Katie: Like Oswald Danes and the corrupt state of Kentucky!

Kayla: Haha. I love that we both had the same thought.

Katie: (J/k Kentucky!) (Not your fault a child
rapist/murderer/pedophile has a cracker-jack team of attorneys in a fictional tv series!)

Kayla: The fact that they opened it with him and his failed execution (or successful, I guess they’d argue) was unexpected. And super disturbing to watch!

Katie: Very much so! And I wonder who that woman in the viewing room that he kept looking at was. The child’s mother? His wife? Or ex if she’s smart?

Kayla: I was thinking the mother of the little girl. But they never did say.

Katie: No. I wonder if she’ll come back. Regardless, I thought it was very well done that it was so hard to watch him be injected although we had just heard what he’d done and what he’d said about it

Kayla: Yeah, it was. I definitely felt guilty about feeling bad for him. And then I continued hating him the rest of the episode but it’s mixed with incredibly bad vibes. Like everytime he’s on screen I shudder.
So I’m really intrigued about where they go with him.

Still of Bill Pullman in Torchwood

Katie: Me, too. I have new respect for Bill Pullman as an actor.

Kayla: Definitely. That part could have come across as cheesy but he worked it like crazy.

Katie: I think he’s still going to be the villain, but the human villain, the one we’ll hate and distrust until we know who’s done this and how to fix it. He may even help Torchwood fix it, which would be ironic. Oh, Jack’d rip him a new one. Forget Jack– Gwen’ll shoot him just because she can!

Kayla: And I’ll cheer her on! But I don’t know where they’re going with him just because there are so many directions they could go. I doubt they’ll make it a redemption plot though, even if he does eventually help Torchwood.
Although that would be impressive if they could pull it off in 10 episodes (or in 100
for that matter).

Katie: True. I’m a bit disappointed by the 10, but I know it’s a smart move considering where it’s coming from and the new audience.

Kayla: At least it’s more than we got with “Children of Earth!” Also, what do you think about Rex so far? We haven’t talked about him at all yet or his assistant chick (Esther).

Katie: He’s smart. He’s bringing up excellent questions that are getting us thinking early about long-term consequences. Also, I kind of like his authoritative attitude. I think Esther will be given a place on the team because they need her and they’re being nice. I think Rex’ll make one for himself because he’s that strong.
Well, maybe not strong exactly. He’s that insistent, really. Esther will earn it later, but
initially I think she’ll seem to be tagging along.

Kayla: I agree about Esther. She’s a good audience surrogate for the time being, but I’m excited to see her do more. I think Rex is an interesting character because he’s clearly going to have some serious friction with Jack and particularly Gwen.

Katie: That’s what she is!! “Audience Surrogate.”

Kayla: Right. And for Rex: Dude got a POLE through him!

Katie: Several poles. I know.
So odd, too, that they were talking about Torchwood when he got in the accident.

Kayla: Yeah. He’s got either really good timing or really bad timing because “Torchwood” showed up at exactly the moment the last person died so he was one of the first to live who should have died.

Katie: True. I’m thinking that whoever sent out the “Torchwood” email is trying to blame them for what’s happening. A misdirection, maybe. But it could also be someone trying to help.

Who might that someone be? Not the Doctor. Maybe UNIT? Maybe an individual.Or two. Like Martha and Mickey. But that’s probably too old-school to be drawn in. I can
hope, though.

Also, where IS the Doctor?! This is kind of a big deal! Where was River when Melody was being snatched? Where are you when the whole planet stops DYING Doctor?
He needs to wrap this up and get home! (Well, you know. To his surrogate home planet.)
I’m not serious. Jack, Gwen, and our new friends will be able to handle it.

Jack is wicked smart with computers to launch that virus. Since when is he so talented
in the Tosh-way? And Protective!Jack is wonderful! I won’t say ‘cute,’ but when
I saw him show up at Gwen’s, my heart did a little tap dance of glee.

Kayla: I had the exact thought about the Doctor. This is the kind of thing he would be all over, but I also am glad that he won’t show up because this is about Torchwood saving the day. And yeah, they won’t bring in anyone like Martha and Mickey I’m betting but if the person who sent the message is actually trying to help it could be UNIT.
I guess Tosh taught him a few things before that whole unfortunate death thing?

Katie: I suppose.
Jack’s certainly not bringing UNIT into this, though. Once Martha left, I’m guessing he cut his last ties. He never really liked them anyway. Plus, he left the planet.

Kayla: That’s true. I’m also wondering how long he’s been back on Earth. The last we saw him was in “The End of Time” right?

Katie: Yes. When the Doctor arranged a meet with Alonso.

Kayla: Oh! Going back to the Doctor for two seconds, upon reflection I wish when Jack showed his cut arm to Gwen one of them would’ve said, “Could use a Doctor about now” or something. And then, “Nah, we can handle it.”
That is what I call a missed opportunity. 🙂

Katie: Hehe. That’d have been lovely. Maybe next week.

Kayla: Maybe. 🙂

Katie: I love it when Jack yells, “Doctor!”

Kayla: Me too! But then, who doesn’t?

Kayla: Was there anything else we needed/wanted to talk about?

Katie: Um. I’m sure there was….
Do you want to speculate at all about the BIBs?

Kayla: I honestly wouldn’t even know where to start.

Katie: And I don’t know that we’ve really been given any clues yet. I think this episode was all about the new characters and “What is Torchwood?”
A thought, though: could it be that humans are responsible?

Kayla: It was sort of like another pilot in that way.
I feel like it could. Or at least, humans with some outside help.

Katie: It was. And the name now officially includes “: Miracle Day”, so in that sense it is a new series.

Kayla: True.

Katie: Are you excited?


Katie: How’d you watch, btw? [Kayla does not have Starz.]

Kayla: Starz had it on their website. I dunno if they’re gonna do that every week but I’ve heard that it’ll be on Netflix streaming so that’s how I’ll be watching.

Katie: Gotcha. I’ve also found it on YouTube, which surprises me.
Okay, anything else?

Kayla: Nope, I think that’s it!

Katie: Everyone, remember to watch Starz next Friday at 10pm for episode number 2!

Kayla: OR, watch it the next day online like me! (This kind of goes for just about all the shows we talk about.)

Katie: Except White Collar. USA angers me in that way.

Kayla: Yes. Very sad.

DOCTOR WHO: “A Good Man Goes to War”

Kayla: Okay. So. About that episode last night.

Katie: Should we start with River? Or end with her? Cuz it was all amazing!

Kayla: It was! I was surprised how thoroughly pleased I was with all of it. There was much flailing. But yes, let’s start with her. Might as well.

As soon as the nice soldier lady (Lorna?) said she was from a forest I figured it had something to do with the TARDIS‘s quote but I wasn’t expecting

Katie: Agreed! I thought that’d be in the Doctor’s future and the river was where they ran to, so that’s why he’d need to know. And Doctor known as a great warrior? He has been awfully confrontational and less with the rules lately.

Kayla: It’s true. And how great was the line about “Good men don’t need rules. You don’t want to find out why I have so many?” SO GOOD.

Katie: EXCELLENT! It reminded me of Amy’s Choice, that the only person in the universe who hates The Doctor as much as the Dream Lord did was himself.

Kayla: This Doctor really is very dark, but I absolutely love it. And Matt Smith did a great job with it last night again. Oh! But now I’m SUPER worried that the good man River kills is Rory. And that it sticks this time. When he came to recruit her she was
just so very, very sad.

Katie: Me, too! I can’t figure out when she finds out who she is and how she gets her name “River Song.” How does she know that? The prayer leaf stayed in the Doctor’s cradle.

Kayla: I don’t know. We know the eye patch lady raises her at least somewhat – till she escapes right? But I doubt she would have told her anything useful since she’s meant to be a weapon.

Katie: I thought that maybe the Doctor told her who she is just before and it didn’t hit her until she saw Rory. But I think you’re right. The writers were ambiguous at the beginning about who the good man is. You think Amy is describing the Doctor at first, then she says it’s Melody’s father, then she says he’s called “The Last Centurion.”
“When a good man goes to war, demons run.”

Kayla: But then they could be setting it up as a kind of redemption story for the Doctor. For him to become the good man he was before. If that’s the case, then River could still have been talking about him. And we see the astronaut kill him which I’m assuming is little River but maybe not.

Doctor Who Season 6 Premiere

Katie: That’s possible. I thought about the little girl—can we call her Melody to keep it straight?—being the one to shoot the Doctor, but then why wouldn’t River realize immediately what was going on when the astronaut emerged from the lake?

Kayla: Calling her Melody will be very helpful. I have no idea why she wouldn’t remember. And it would be her past, right?

Katie: Right. It would be her past.
Also, Arthur Darvill ROCKED “Where is my wife?!”

Kayla: Yes he did! He was just all around fantabumazing.

Katie: Haha. Nice word.

Kayla: Thank you, thank you. 🙂
Every time I try to figure River/Melody out my head hurts. But in the good way.

Katie: While we’re on time travel, how much more do you think we’ll see of River? We move with the Doctor’s timeline, but how much of River who Rory and Amy know is their daughter will we see? And will River help save herself? I assume a nominal amount and maybe a few episodes of The Doctor finding and rescuing and being adorable with little Melody is in order.

Kayla: It better be. I absolutely NEED to see overprotective Rory with both grown River being all flirty with the Doctor and the three of them saving little Melody.

Katie: Yes, please!

Kayla: I KNOW!!!

Katie: “…and really, you should call her ‘Mummy.’ Not ‘big milk thing.’” Or something to that effect!

Kayla: Haha. This episode had so many great lines.

Katie: “I’m sorry Melody, they just aren’t listening to you!”

Kayla: Also: “But you and I…we…*kissy sounds*”

Katie: Hehehehe!
And he seemed to like the idea even more after she said “I know.”

River Song tells the Doctor who she really is

Kayla: I know! That whole scene was just beautiful to watch.

Katie: Their first kiss was the last time they saw each other, so you know they’re going to keep kissing. Or, he is.
And her running backward talking fast to get to the cradle. And the Doctor’s crib! Where’s that been hiding?!

Kayla: You know, this whole time River’s been making it seem like the day he finds out who she is will be awful, that everything will change for the worse, that he’ll find out she a horrible person. So it was such a nice surprise for it to all be so joyous! Watching him realize was breathtaking.

Katie: Truly! It is when everything changes, but I think it changes badly for Rory and Amy, and that hurts the Doctor, because even though River can tell them that she’ll be okay, their baby is still missing. And terribly afraid—calling the president! And where have they been when River’s been running around getting arrested? And How Old Is She? She regenerates! That must have been a heck of a lot of volts to kill River twice, basically. In order for her to really be dead. [Explained at bottom of the Personality section here.]
And can I just say, THE BABY DOES HAVE TIME HEAD! Time everything, actually.


Kayla: Amy so called it. And you’re right about it being sad for them. They’ll never get to raise her, not really,that I can imagine. And they met her first as an adult! How weird for them and sad.

Katie: Very.

Kayla: Not to mention sad for River/Melody. She didn’t really have parents growing up. Well, I’m assuming.

Katie: I assume not, too. I’d love it if they found Melody and got to travel with her, raising her, for a while. But remember that River had that convo with Dad/Rory about the Doctor knowing everything about her. “Imagine what that does to a girl.”

Kayla: Ugh. Yes.

Katie: Flesh Melody collapsing in Amy’s arms was heartbreaking!!! And she screamed Rory’s name and I was so sure he was going to get a sword in the gut when he turned to look at Amy.

fleshbabyKayla: That was so hard to watch!
I was also mad at myself for not calling that twist.

Katie: I was mad with myself, too.

Kayla: Also, I was reading on the internet and somebody mentioned that they had thought it was weird that River didn’t flirt with Rory when she met him and that it seemed out of character. Looking back, she clearly opens up to him and trusts him immediately. I thought that was nicely done knowing what we do now.

Katie: It’s true. Remember in Flesh and Stone, I think it was, when River beamed Amy to her and the Doctor? If she hadn’t, Amy would’ve died and River wouldn’t have ever existed.
Also, I rather doubt they’ll be able to keep Rory (if he lives) and Amy for another season, so maybe they’ll decide to settle somewhere with Melody to raise her for a while.
Remember in The Hungry Earth that they saw themselves on that hillside, five years after, I think? They both have to be there, unless the timelines are just that messed up now.

Kayla: That’s true. Although, that was before the universe imploded so who knows. I certainly hope they get to raise her at least for a while.

Katie: Me too! They’re already robbed of having her as a baby. All the firsts. All the stories. She’s being trained as a killer, a weapon against the Doctor (no wonder she likes guns so much!), so that’ll take a lot of love and time to get her over if she’s ever going to know her family.

I used to think that Donna was the saddest person in the universe. More than Rose– she got a Doctor eventually and had fam all the time- but River knows everything and
never gets to tell or experience fully.

Kayla: So very true. It’s incredibly sad.
You know, even though so much of this episode had to do with River, there were a lot of other awesome things too. Like the Victorian Silurian! So awesome.

Katie: Absolutely! She killed Jack the Ripper! Freaking sweet! And the big blue guy! I don’t remember where he’s from, but he was great.

Kayla: Didn’t he give River the time traveling bracelet thing in the finale last season? Or something? But yes, he was great, too.

Katie: Yes! Good spotting! That’s it.


Kayla: And I will never ever say “no” to Roman Rory. Especially protective Roman Rory with a BABY being ADORABLE!

Katie: True that!
“Let everyone else die first, yeah?” Amy is so Scottish!

Kayla: So Scottish! I love her. I love them all. I’ll miss them when they’re gone.
And Matt’s back for next season but as of right now neither Karen nor Arthur are. For what that’s worth.

Katie: I know. But they won’t announce the companions until the finale, either way.

Kayla: Which, regardless of who is in next season, the show won’t be back until September and I don’t know what I’m going to do to cope.

Katie: Ditto.

The Doctor speaks baby. I wish there was an episode of The Doctor and a baby. Whole episode, nothing else happens. Just the Doctor talking to a baby, both going about their respective days.

Kayla: That is such a wonderful idea. I need you to write it and send it to Moffat. Make it happen, Katie.

Katie: I’ll do my best. And don’t tempt me. I may just write it.
When did you know that River was Melody?

Kayla: Well, I didn’t know but I had read a lot of speculation that that was the case so I had it in the back of my mind as a possibility the whole time. I didn’t believe it until she said it though. Or I guess until she said the forest doesn’t have ponds.

Katie: I had to be shown the prayer leaf, then when it flipped over I couldn’t read “Song”. It just looked like squiggles to me. I was watching the end of the episode again later,
wondering where River got the last name Song when I saw it again and read it.
I had heard the speculation, too. I just didn’t understand how it’d work until the prayer leaf. I’m so mad at myself for it.


Kayla: I’m actually pleased with the way they revealed it. I feel like they’ve given us enough hints that some of the speculation was right but that I was still surprised, you know? It didn’t come out of nowhere but it wasn’t super obvious either.

Katie: Very true. I didn’t feel shocked, because I had seen it coming, even if I didn’t understand it all, and I was a good audience member and waited to be told in Moffat’s way.

Kayla: Yep. All in all an excellent episode and an excellent mid-season finale. Even though I hate them for making me wait months.

Kayla: And months.

Katie: And months.
[The+Doctor+&+River.jpg]Last week, I was walking though myhallway and I thought, “Hmm. River’s hair is kind of like Rory’s color? I wonder if…nah!” But I swear they dyed her hair! I watched a bit of Silence in the Library and her hair was a darker brown. They’ve been dying it to match Rory’s color.

Kayla: I totally believe you!

Katie: Do you think the Doctor really remembers Lorna? Had he done the Gamma Forest at all, or does he always run so saying that was a safe bet?

Kayla: I don’t think he knew her. Whether that means he didn’t remember her (which would be understandable since she was little girl) or hasn’t done that yet I don’t know. But I think the run thing was a safe bet.

Katie: I don’t think he remembered her, either.
Do you know how the Silence and these random army/church ppl are connected? Any theories?

Kayla: I have absolutely no theories. Although, the army guys said they were the Byzantium Marines or something, which weren’t those the guys in the angels two-parter? Just thought that was interesting that they hate the Doctor now when they were helping him before. Unless I’m wrong and those weren’t the same people.

Katie: They were. But why would those people believe themselves to be in a war with the Doctor? What’s going to happen to put him at odds with them originally? Why’d The Gamma Forest ever happen? Lorna never said.

Kayla: So many questions and I have zero answers. I trust Moffat though.

Katie: I do, too. I wonder how long Moffat’s been planning this? Did he have it when he wrote River into Season 4? How’d he make the connection? As a writer, I’m fascinated and want to pick his brain. A lot.

Kayla: Haha, I feel ya. 🙂

Katie: Ok. Anything else? Apart from me really wanting to re-watch Ep. 1 and 2 now?

Kayla: I think that’s everything! Or at least, everything I can think of now. And yes, I need to re-watch those two and the TARDIS episode, mostly because I love it. 🙂

Katie: I re-watched it yesterday. Twice. I need transcripts. I keep missing little bits of funny, I know it! That’s the problem with Matt Smith’s Doctor throwing his lines away because his mind’s so far ahead already.

Kayla: So true.

Katie: Alright, well in lieu of new episodes of Doctor Who, we have Torchwood premiering July 8 on Starz! Doctor Who will return in episode 8: “Let’s Kill Hitler” on September 3.


For those of us blessed with the Starz channel, tonight promises a treat. At 10pm is the season finale of Camelot, the Starz original series to wide acclaim that I have not yet watched due to my love of Merlin, the BBC original series now on SyFy (first season available for free on Hulu). Directly after Camelot’s finale will be a preview of the new season of Torchwood, the Doctor Who spin-off series starring John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness and Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper.

Torchwood members Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper

Torchwood was cancelled by the BBC and the rights bought by Starz, now billed as Torchwood: Miracle Day. The first episode, “The New Day” will air July 8.


The miracle is no one dies. No one dies anywhere in the world.

Not dying sounds lovely, but six characters know otherwise. In last night’s preview, Torchwood staple Captain Jack explained the miracle. A former CIA operative died by impaling, but didn’t. Now he investigates Torchwood. Shots of a linguist alternate between before (excitement to be investigating) and after (warnings with tears and blood). A journalist is selling the miracle. Gwen has a secret; she talks about her daughter and husband in the past tense. A condemned man was executed but didn’t die. All urge the human race to beware, to “trust no one,” interspersed with clips showing massive chaos and suffering.

No one can die. People keep being born but no one dies. People suffer and are never relieved by death. Babies don’t replace anyone, they just join to exponentially grow the world’s population. Someone or something has done this to us; Torchwood will found out who.

The official trailer can be found here. Last night’s preview is available here (Thanks, Kayla, for finding it!).


Someone at OWN loves Jane Austen.

Oprah Winfrey’s Network, it seems, has bought the rights to the four-part British mini-series Lost in Austen. From what I gathered watching yesterday afternoon, Austen enthusiast Amanda Price finds a door in her bathroom that opens into Pride and Prejudice, specifically to Elizabeth Bennett’s home of Longbourne. Amanda inserts herself, Elizabeth stumbles into modern reality, and poor Miss Austen’s carefully constructed plot unravels. Although a bit fantastical, the series is nevertheless interesting, amusing, and smartly written. Austen fans willing to suspend their disbelief and take the series lightly, as was intended, will engage in the joys of “What if” while watching wonderful performances by Alex Kingston (Doctor Who), Gemma Arteron (Prince of Persia and Quantum of Solace) and Hugh Bonneville (Downtown Abbey, Notting Hill, and two upcoming episodes of Doctor Who). Non-Austen fans will relate to the hilariously dysfunctional family interactions and a society full of drama moving at a horse-gallop pace.

My favorite image? Mr. Darcy and Amanda, both in period clothing, argue in front of a blaring TV while Elizabeth, in shortly cropped hair and skinny jeans, opens her laptop to an online version of the text to prove that she and Mr. Darcy should end up together.

The mini-series doesn’t appear to repeat in the next few weeks, but for interested parties who don’t want to wait, Lost in Austen is available from Amazon for $12.99.

DOCTOR WHO: “The Almost People”

After each new episode of Doctor Who, Kayla and I will post the transcript of our subsequent discussion. We begin with the latter of a two part episode, Season 6, Episode 6: “The Almost People,” written by Matthew Graham. Beware of Spoilers!

Katie: So! Doctor Who.

Kayla: Right! Getting down to business.

So, the last episode was the conclusion to the doppleganger story line. In general, I wasn’t terribly fond of the ganger stuff. But then I always have problems with plots like that.

Katie: I didn’t mind the gangers and it certainly added to the layers of the plot. The gangers also provided a means for Amy to be pregnant in a giant test tube somewhere, and potentially how the Doctor is the Doctor but is still killed (Season 6, Episode 1: “The Impossible Astronaut”).

I felt, though, that the ganger story could have been in one episode instead of two.

Kayla: That’s true about them being necessary to the overarching story. I guess my biggest problem with them (besides the fact that, you’re right, it could have been condensed) was that very few of the issues raised meant anything in the end.

Either the ganger or the human dies in each of the pairs. So they never have to deal with the sticky stuff.

Katie: That’s true, but they couldn’t really extend it past those two episodes. Still, they had two episodes to deal with the issues. It’s also ironic that Amy, who was flesh on the TARDIS, had such negative and unfounded opinions of fake-flesh-Doctor.

Kayla: Yeah, and I also thought it was really interesting given Rory’s extreme support of the gangers compared to her hatred. He had been in a similar position what with being plastic, but was human now. While Amy was in fact a ganger and just didn’t know it yet. So I liked that contrast.

Katie: I liked the contrast, too. Putting them at a bit of odds also will heighten the emotional implications of Amy being somewhere giving birth and Rory and the Doctor being alone on the TARDIS trying to find out where she is.

Sort of like a woman getting into a car accident just after she and her husband have a fight.

Kayla: True. I’m assuming either the Doctor or the TARDIS has some sort of lead on her whereabouts but I’m mostly just making that up. Still, the TARDIS knew to send them to the early flesh (or the Doctor knew – could be both) so maybe she’ll help them with that? You know, always sending him where he’s needed.

Katie: Very true. I still love that episode (Season 6, Episode 4: “The Doctor’s Wife”).

Kayla: Also. I’m seriously looking forward to the Doctor and Rory being on their own. Though, that probably won’t be for long since River Song is showing up at some point. Still, I’m excited to see them alone.

Katie: I wonder how River is going to get involved. Will she break herself out of prison on someone’s indication or will the Doctor decide he needs her expertise?

Kayla: That’s a really good question. I’m kind of figuring that the thing the TARDIS said about “the only water in the forest is the river” will be coming up soon, but that doesn’t help answer why she’s involved.

I like the idea of the Doctor turning to her for help this time though. Finally he’s gotten into a situation he can’t get out of without her instead of the other way around.

Katie: I like that too. I’d also rather the TARDIS’s prophecy not come up just yet. Or at least not have only the one implication. I like it when Moffat lets something small, some tidbit like “Silence Will Fall” from the last season,  lay low until it is almost completely forgotten about, then bring in up again to play a vital role in the progression of the plot.

Kayla: Yeah, I would definitely be okay if it didn’t come up yet. Oh! And do you think the Silence (Silents? I never know) are behind Amy’s pregnancy or do you think there’s someone even more nefarious behind it?

Kayla: They’re clearly involved but I just don’t know how or why.

Katie: That’s true. I’m not sure that the Silence (according to BBCA online) is behind it. Unless they want the child and can see time, see that there was only one way to get her.

I don’t know that there is a nefarious other villain set, but the girl has to get away from Amy and Rory somehow, and into the Silence somehow.

Kayla: I think for the time being I’ve decided not to come up with any theories because they will likely all be wrong anyway!

Katie: Haha. True! But it feels so good when we’re right!

Sorry, wheels are still turning: I also know that another child could come up– there’s still half a season left– but that seems unlikely. Amy’s child may not be the little girl who can regenerate, but two children feels too coincidental. Also, Amy has to be somewhere at some point where she smiles holding her baby and a photo is taken, placed in the room.

Kayla: Oh yeah! I forgot about that picture!

Kayla: Hmmm… I just don’t know. I go from thinking there’s no way Amy’s kid isn’t the little girl and thinking they’re just messing with us on purpose and there are two kids running around.

Katie: If there is a second child, I want to have seen her already, somewhere and somehow.

Kayla: Seconded.

Katie: L’Chaim.

Kayla: Well, I think that’s all for now but next week is the all-important mid-season finale and I’m sure we’ll have an incredible amount to talk about then.

Doctor Who - The Almost People (6.06)

Doctor Who, “A Good Man Goes to War” airs on BBCAmerica at 9pm on Saturday, June 11.