DOCTOR WHO Comic Con Preview!

So at the Doctor Who panel at Comic Con today they released a new preview for the second half of season six and my brain exploded upon watching it. Kaboom.  No more brain.

But really, this looks amazing.  There’s Hitler, Silence, River, and Weeping Angels.  Not to mention the Doctor in a tux (more please!) and Craig from “The Lodger” making an appearance!!  We seriously have to wait? Patiently and everything?


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Panel OR Things I Would Have Heard at Comic Con, If I Was There

“Too much love, too much love!” -Jared Padalecki


Captain America/Avengers Love Fest:
“I demand a most warm welcome for the man reprising the role of Bruce Banner, Mark Ruffalo!” -Robert Downey, Jr.

“I thought it [‘Inception’] was the most ambitious movie I’ve ever seen. And then I thought, “Marvel is going to put all its superheroes in one movie — that’s the most ambitious movie I’ve ever seen.’ ” -Robert Downey, Jr.

“My first movie was ‘Henry V,’ and it contained an epic battle and a man with a very
dysfunctional family.” -Kenneth Branagh defending his qualifications for directing ‘Thor.’

“I am going to blow it. I’m not up to it.” –Joss Whedon on directing ‘The Avengers’


Chuck (which I don’t watch, but I love the cast of “Firefly”!):
“I get beat up a lot by girls.” -Adam Baldwin


“Leonard (Nimoy) has now retired twice. He’s our Brett Favre.” –Jeff Pinkner (producer)
*By the by, anyone hear Mr. Nimoy in ‘Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon’? Spoiler Alert! A piece of my soul died when I found out his character is a traitor. I kept
thinking, “Spock would NEVER do this.”


Vampire Diaries:
“Paul Wesley’s hair has its own cell number on the call sheet.” -Julie Plec

“Paul’s abs are their own conversation.” -Kevin Williamson (producer)

“The nice Damon freaks me out. I was miserable, I didn’t know what to do.” -Ian Somerhalder on goodwill, which his character occasionally dabbles in

Fan: “You seem like a nice guy.”
Ian: “I’m acting.”


Green Lantern:
“We’re married now, but in space.” –Ryan Reynolds to the fan who won his character’s power ring


The Joss Whedon Experience (yes, that’s the real title, and reason enough to attend the entire conference in my book):

“If this [table I’m sitting on] falls, it will be the BEST CON EVER.” –Joss Whedon, it was his proverbial party, after all

Joss: How much trouble would I get in if I told you my favorite actor?
Fan: I won’t tell anyone.

Fan: Joss means “God” in Filipino.
Joss: Oh yeeaah. And it didn’t before me.

“It makes me throw up in fear.” –Joss Whedon about J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek reboot movie


“In the audition [for ‘Scott Pilgrim Versus the World’] he was like ‘Here are the lines you have to do, and I noticed that you’re being trained in Tae Kwon Do. Could you just throw some kicks in there while you’re reading?’ So I was practicing in the hallway and a guy walked by and he was like, ‘Wow, they’re really upping the hall monitors!'” -Ellen Wong


Aloha: Earth:
“I’m really happy to be on a show that has a theme song.” –Daniel Dae Kim, who went from ‘Lost’ to ‘Hawaii Five-O’ before ‘Aloha:Earth’


“SPOILER NAME, Gus can’t marry you, because he’s already married to me [Shawn]. I still think we should stay here and drink all this alcohol and eat all this delicious food, but at the end of the night he’s coming home with me.” – James Roday, demonstrating what his character Shawn’s best man speech for Gus would be like


“People were a lot more concerned about the fact that my character on Six Feet Under got walked all over than Dexter killing people. Which is weird.” –Michael C. Hall


White Collar/Mozzie Quote of the Week:
“As you know, ‘White Collar’ is about a very suave, sophisticated, sexy white collar criminal who CHOOSES to be bald. And there’s some other characters, too.” –Willie Garson


“You were so cute. You were a little boy. And now you’re not.” -Eva Mendes to a
fan who called her “foxy” at a past Comic Con. After his question, she told him with a hug that he was “a little young….come back in five years. “ Tad-dah!
*Don’t you love the persistence of nerdy fans?

“This is a political statement about how bad ‘Star Trek’ is to its Redshirts.” –’Star Trek’ fan

Overheard at Comic Con 2010: This is a political statement about how bad Star Trek is to its Redshirts. Have you been following the news of Comic Con? Heard anything funny? Comment and share!!  (Thanks to Zap2it for quote help!)

RINGER First Look from Comic Con

You guys, I’d be excited for Sarah Michelle Gellar to be back on my TV in just about anything but I’m so glad her new show looks so freaking awesome!

The CW premiered a new extended preview for Ringer at Comic Con today and I couldn’t be more pumped. I’m going to let the preview speak for itself. Enjoy!

I can’t wait for September!