Katie: So! Torchwood: Miracle Day.

Kayla: Yes!

Katie: Has Jack had work done?

Kayla: In what sense?

Katie: He seems thinner and maybe a bit, uh, stretched in the face.

Kayla: Hmm. I hadn’t noticed but it’s definitely possible.

Katie: I’m referenceing here “Utopia,” since we haven’t seen Jack in a while. But I do think he looks thinner and kind of stretched.

Kayla: I’m not the most observant when it comes to changes in appearance, but I believe you.

Kayla: Hmm. I can see it now that you mention it. Interesting.

Katie: Anyway, what’d you think overall of the episode?

Kayla: I loved it! I thought it did a really good job of not only setting up the arc for the season but also introducing Torchwood in general to American audiences.
Plus, I’m absolutely in love with the concept.

Katie: Me too! I’m SOO intrigued. And there was very little reference to aliens, which I think is important because hard-core Sci fi fans will know Torchwood, but others who might be turned off by perceived little green men, those more fans of The Walking Dead or Camelot, will be sucked in before the aliens arrive.
I also giggled quite a bit at the whole “What is Torchwood?” plotline. “No, not Touchwood. Torchwood. T-O-R-C-H-W-O-O-D.”

Kayla: Haha, that was quite amusing. I think they found a balance too between introducing the show as though it’s brand new and making references for long-time fans.  Like Jack calling himself “Owen” during the autopsy part.
Which, how freaking creepy was that whole scene?! When they snipped his head from the body and he opened his eyes! I think I may have squealed a bit.
But in horror.
Not the same squealing as when Jack showed up.

Katie:  I KNOW! I screamed when he said that!!!! Well, it was sort of a high-pitched wimper. “Owen!!!!”
Very creepy, you’re right
Absolutely not the same squealing.
And I like that new Americans fans are learning about the team as the American characters are. They don’t know what it’s weird that Jack is injured and not healing– which OMGOSH, btw!!!!– but they know from his and Gwen’s reactions that it’s strange somehow. And, right at the end, Jack said he’s mortal. Not a normal reaction.

Kayla: It actually didn’t occur to me until that point at the very end that a lot of the people watching wouldn’t know that he’s immortal.  I was freaking out as soon as he saw his cut arm, obviously, but I didn’t think that most people wouldn’t be.

Katie: Me neither. But, just enough attention was drawn to it that they’ll know, probably, that something’s up.
Also, I’m now TERRIFIED! They CANNOT kill Jack, but for the first time he’s wounded!

Kayla: I KNOW!

Katie: What or Who can be powerful enough to undo what Bad-Wolf-Rose did? And, Esther and Jack both have big bruises on their sides, which won’t heal. It makes me think of how easy it is to get hurt, how fragile our bodies are. I’m starting to feel
like Wolverine just because I can heal normally.

Kayla: Haha! I have no idea who could do it, but clearly it’s no good. I almost wonder if maybe the whole thing is a plot to get at Jack specifically.  Like maybe it takes the
rest of the world being changed to undo Bad-Wolf-Rose and they just want Jack
to be mortal again. But it could just be a coincidence.
It’s not like he doesn’t have enemies who wouldn’t mind dead Jack with a side of Earth

Katie: Haha. Too true! And it could be. If the baddies-in-black (I’m going to call them BIBs until we have another name) know that Jack can be hurt and not heal,  no wonder they’re all out in force trying to shot, maim, and blow him up! But, just because he can’t heal, like everyone else, doesn’t mean he can die any more than anyone else. I think Russell T. Davies is going to make the rules more complicated than they seem to be right now.

Kayla: That’s a good point. We won’t know if he’s immortal still until he gets hit with something fatal.

Katie: Which will absolutely terrify me! But even so, typically Jack dies, then comes back to life. It hurts, but he comes back. He could conceiveably die, then deus ex machina it turns out that he just can’t come back until after everything gets sorted out and people start dying again.

Kayla: I sincerely doubt that they’d kill him off for real so I’m not too terribly worried.  Though, anyone else on the show is fair game as far as I’m concerned. They proved that with Owen and Tosh and Ianto (IANTOOOO!!).

Katie: Sadly true. I’m thinking Gwen may be a staple now, though. Although, Rhys and the baby (did you ever catch her name?) are fair game I think.

Kayla: Her name’s Anwen, I believe. And how much do I love protective mommy Gwen?So freaking much!!

Katie: Did you notice in the 10 min preview a couple weeks ago that Gwen referred to her husband and daughter in the past tense? I’m so concerned for them it’s not even funny!

Kayla: I know! Me too!

Katie: The earmuffs!!!!

Kayla: YES!!!

Katie: I want Jack to babysit in crazy amounts! I just want him to hold her, at least, for, like, every episode. At least once an episode will be fine with me.

Kayla: Oh, at least. He also NEEDS to sing her to sleep at some point.

Katie: YES! The singing! Okay, what should he sing? Let’s brainstorm.
(Russell T! Listen up, please!)

Kayla: Hmm.  That’s probably the most important question we’ve raised yet.

Katie: Too right.
‘Castle on a Cloud’ cuz it’s be tragic.

Kayla: So true.

Katie: Maybe Nat King Cole’s “Love” because it’d be adorable and Jack does tend to like that era.

Kayla: I’m not familiar with that one but the era would fit him well.

Katie: It was the opening song in “The Parent Trap,” when Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson are dancing at their cruise wedding, if that helps.
“L is for the way you look at me.” etc

Kayla: OH! Yeah. I just never knew the name of it I guess.

Katie: I have the soundtrack. 😛
Maybe “Home” by Michael Buble, though it’s not too lullaby-esque.

Kayla: Excellent choices. I’m having trouble thinking of a suitable lullaby because I’ve got Pandora playing Britney and Bruno Mars in my ears. Although, “Just the Way You Are” could be cute and modern.

Katie: Ooo! I’d so fangirl sqee over that one.

Kayla: Haha. Now Russell has several suggestions to choose from! But he needs to make it happen. For reals.

Katie: I think it’d be cool if “Catch a Falling Star” had some nifty alternate meanings that help them fix the planet.
Yes, Russell T. Davies. Please!
OOH! Winnie the Pooh song!!!!!

Kayla: YESSSS!!

Katie: “Return to Pooh Corner”

Kayla: I have a feeling we could do this all day. 🙂

Katie: Also, even “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” could be poignant and sweet. Geez- John Barrowman could sing the alphabet and I’d want to cry.
But you’re right.
We should talk about non-cute things.

Kayla: I suppose we should. And there are plenty of non-cute things to talk about. Like the creepy murderer!!

Katie: Like Oswald Danes and the corrupt state of Kentucky!

Kayla: Haha. I love that we both had the same thought.

Katie: (J/k Kentucky!) (Not your fault a child
rapist/murderer/pedophile has a cracker-jack team of attorneys in a fictional tv series!)

Kayla: The fact that they opened it with him and his failed execution (or successful, I guess they’d argue) was unexpected. And super disturbing to watch!

Katie: Very much so! And I wonder who that woman in the viewing room that he kept looking at was. The child’s mother? His wife? Or ex if she’s smart?

Kayla: I was thinking the mother of the little girl. But they never did say.

Katie: No. I wonder if she’ll come back. Regardless, I thought it was very well done that it was so hard to watch him be injected although we had just heard what he’d done and what he’d said about it

Kayla: Yeah, it was. I definitely felt guilty about feeling bad for him. And then I continued hating him the rest of the episode but it’s mixed with incredibly bad vibes. Like everytime he’s on screen I shudder.
So I’m really intrigued about where they go with him.

Still of Bill Pullman in Torchwood

Katie: Me, too. I have new respect for Bill Pullman as an actor.

Kayla: Definitely. That part could have come across as cheesy but he worked it like crazy.

Katie: I think he’s still going to be the villain, but the human villain, the one we’ll hate and distrust until we know who’s done this and how to fix it. He may even help Torchwood fix it, which would be ironic. Oh, Jack’d rip him a new one. Forget Jack– Gwen’ll shoot him just because she can!

Kayla: And I’ll cheer her on! But I don’t know where they’re going with him just because there are so many directions they could go. I doubt they’ll make it a redemption plot though, even if he does eventually help Torchwood.
Although that would be impressive if they could pull it off in 10 episodes (or in 100
for that matter).

Katie: True. I’m a bit disappointed by the 10, but I know it’s a smart move considering where it’s coming from and the new audience.

Kayla: At least it’s more than we got with “Children of Earth!” Also, what do you think about Rex so far? We haven’t talked about him at all yet or his assistant chick (Esther).

Katie: He’s smart. He’s bringing up excellent questions that are getting us thinking early about long-term consequences. Also, I kind of like his authoritative attitude. I think Esther will be given a place on the team because they need her and they’re being nice. I think Rex’ll make one for himself because he’s that strong.
Well, maybe not strong exactly. He’s that insistent, really. Esther will earn it later, but
initially I think she’ll seem to be tagging along.

Kayla: I agree about Esther. She’s a good audience surrogate for the time being, but I’m excited to see her do more. I think Rex is an interesting character because he’s clearly going to have some serious friction with Jack and particularly Gwen.

Katie: That’s what she is!! “Audience Surrogate.”

Kayla: Right. And for Rex: Dude got a POLE through him!

Katie: Several poles. I know.
So odd, too, that they were talking about Torchwood when he got in the accident.

Kayla: Yeah. He’s got either really good timing or really bad timing because “Torchwood” showed up at exactly the moment the last person died so he was one of the first to live who should have died.

Katie: True. I’m thinking that whoever sent out the “Torchwood” email is trying to blame them for what’s happening. A misdirection, maybe. But it could also be someone trying to help.

Who might that someone be? Not the Doctor. Maybe UNIT? Maybe an individual.Or two. Like Martha and Mickey. But that’s probably too old-school to be drawn in. I can
hope, though.

Also, where IS the Doctor?! This is kind of a big deal! Where was River when Melody was being snatched? Where are you when the whole planet stops DYING Doctor?
He needs to wrap this up and get home! (Well, you know. To his surrogate home planet.)
I’m not serious. Jack, Gwen, and our new friends will be able to handle it.

Jack is wicked smart with computers to launch that virus. Since when is he so talented
in the Tosh-way? And Protective!Jack is wonderful! I won’t say ‘cute,’ but when
I saw him show up at Gwen’s, my heart did a little tap dance of glee.

Kayla: I had the exact thought about the Doctor. This is the kind of thing he would be all over, but I also am glad that he won’t show up because this is about Torchwood saving the day. And yeah, they won’t bring in anyone like Martha and Mickey I’m betting but if the person who sent the message is actually trying to help it could be UNIT.
I guess Tosh taught him a few things before that whole unfortunate death thing?

Katie: I suppose.
Jack’s certainly not bringing UNIT into this, though. Once Martha left, I’m guessing he cut his last ties. He never really liked them anyway. Plus, he left the planet.

Kayla: That’s true. I’m also wondering how long he’s been back on Earth. The last we saw him was in “The End of Time” right?

Katie: Yes. When the Doctor arranged a meet with Alonso.

Kayla: Oh! Going back to the Doctor for two seconds, upon reflection I wish when Jack showed his cut arm to Gwen one of them would’ve said, “Could use a Doctor about now” or something. And then, “Nah, we can handle it.”
That is what I call a missed opportunity. 🙂

Katie: Hehe. That’d have been lovely. Maybe next week.

Kayla: Maybe. 🙂

Katie: I love it when Jack yells, “Doctor!”

Kayla: Me too! But then, who doesn’t?

Kayla: Was there anything else we needed/wanted to talk about?

Katie: Um. I’m sure there was….
Do you want to speculate at all about the BIBs?

Kayla: I honestly wouldn’t even know where to start.

Katie: And I don’t know that we’ve really been given any clues yet. I think this episode was all about the new characters and “What is Torchwood?”
A thought, though: could it be that humans are responsible?

Kayla: It was sort of like another pilot in that way.
I feel like it could. Or at least, humans with some outside help.

Katie: It was. And the name now officially includes “: Miracle Day”, so in that sense it is a new series.

Kayla: True.

Katie: Are you excited?


Katie: How’d you watch, btw? [Kayla does not have Starz.]

Kayla: Starz had it on their website. I dunno if they’re gonna do that every week but I’ve heard that it’ll be on Netflix streaming so that’s how I’ll be watching.

Katie: Gotcha. I’ve also found it on YouTube, which surprises me.
Okay, anything else?

Kayla: Nope, I think that’s it!

Katie: Everyone, remember to watch Starz next Friday at 10pm for episode number 2!

Kayla: OR, watch it the next day online like me! (This kind of goes for just about all the shows we talk about.)

Katie: Except White Collar. USA angers me in that way.

Kayla: Yes. Very sad.


TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY: New (Awesome) Behind-the-Scenes Video

July 8 is going to be a rough day for me.  I’m going out of town for a weekend vacation which will be lots of fun and yet I’ll be pulling my hair out to get home because July 8 also happens to be the day Torchwood: Miracle Day premieres.  So I’m going to have to wait even longer than the rest of America to watch it.  Arrrgggh.

Anyways, Starz has been doing a great job of promoting the series and just released a new 11-minute video containing both footage from the show and interviews with the cast and crew.  Oh yeah!!

I’m glad that Starz is making sure that American audiences are being introduced to Miracle Day without mentioning that its based on a series that’s already had two seasons and one mini-series.  I think knowing there’s that much history might scare off potential new viewers.  So keep up the good work, Starz!

Torchwood: Miracle Day premieres July 8 on Starz at 10.