THE SING-OFF, THE VOICE, AMERICAN IDOL: Catching up with some alums

I pretty much only watch competitive reality shows and I tend to get rather invested in the contestants.  There are some incredibly talented people showcasing their passions on these shows and I can’t get enough.

I wanted to take some time to highlight some former competitors from these shows who are currently releasing some amazing music and who I feel deserve a much larger audience.

The Sing-Off

NBC’s The Sing-Off is currently my favorite reality show and easily one of the most underrated.  This show sets itself apart from the other singing competitions because it features only a cappella groups.  Many of the groups from The Sing-Off are well known and appreciated within the a cappella community, but this is an entire genre that deserves to be heard by more of America.  Unfortunately, The Sing-Off underperformed this past season and NBC hasn’t announced whether or not it will be picked up for a fourth.  I certainly hope it is, but in the meantime, here are a few groups worth watching. Continue reading