As Darren Criss, the guest mentor again this week, pointed out, “pairability” is not actually a word but it was a heck of a good episode.

The homework assignment was to sing “Need You Now” in predetermined couples.  This was easily the most awkward part of the episode and it was entirely because of Matheus and Alex.  They were just not believable in the least and I cringed whenever their parts came around.  I completely agreed with Darren’s decision to give it to Marissa with Samuel a close second.  Marissa’s actually getting some recognition, guys!  Continue reading


THE GLEE PROJECT: Vulnerability

This may be the first time a reality show has made me feel bad for A) disliking a contestant and B) being happy when that person loses.  Yes, Emily was sent home last night and while I’m glad that her elimination meant my darling Cameron and Damian were safe, I ended up feeling really bad for her rather than disliking her.  Knowing that she had been taken advantage of sexually before made her constant sexy attitude truly upsetting rather than annoying.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.
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THE GLEE PROJECT: Theatricality


Before I get to this week’s episode, I have a major gripe and need to take a moment to address Ryan Murphy.  You do realize that these kids are supposedly actors right?  That means their job is to act like whatever character you throw at them.  And you do realize that you’re a writer?  That means you can create any character you want.  I just want to check because every time you open your mouth it’s all, “I need you to show me what character to write for you.”  No, that’s not how this works.  Continue reading

THE GLEE PROJECT: “Individuality”

When The Glee Project was first announced, I thought for sure Ryan Murphy just woke up that morning and decided to mess with us.  Glee is already an overcrowded show that can’t manage to give storylines to quite a lot of its cast (hi Mercedes and Tina!).  Besides that, a reality show designed to pit teenage divas against one another seemed bound to implode.

So imagine my surprise when I watched it (only because it’s on Hulu and I was bored) and actually enjoyed it!

I’m still not fond of adding another character to the show but I do believe I’m going to like the process of choosing that person.  Each episode of The Glee Project will have a theme, like last night’s which was individuality.  The theme is supposed to represent something the current members of Glee possess or something the show itself represents or endorses or some such nonsense.  Whatever.  And then the contestants will be given a homework assignment before performing it in front of the very special guest judge of the week.

Last night Darren Criss (my love) was that judge and he actually gave some pretty good feedback in the bits we saw.  Then the judge picks a winner of the challenge who gets some one-on-one time with the actor.  Matheus won this week and I do like his voice but I kind of forgot about him by the end of the episode.

Then there’s some choreography practice and studio time in preparation for the big music video of the week.  This time that was the “Firework” video that was released sometime last week as an introduction to the show.

At the end of the episode, three contestants have to sing for their lives in front of Ryan Murphy and his silly hat.  Those unlucky three this week were Ellis, Damian, and Bryce (pictured left) who ended up being sent home.  What’s nifty about this part is that they don’t get to choose the song they have to sing.  It adds even more pressure to an already stressful situation but I like that.  Sure, it’s kind of unfair if one person knows their song super well and someone else doesn’t but that’s the nature of showbiz I suppose.

And if they got to choose their own songs we’d never have gotten to see poor little Irish Damian singing “I wish I was Jesse’s girl” and that would be unacceptable.

I really like the format of the show because it breaks the episode up and makes it all go by super quick.  Plus it shows a little of what all goes into an actual episode of Glee.

As of right now I’m kind of loving Marissa, Cameron, and to my surprise, Samuel (pictured right).  I immediately liked Marissa and Cameron.  They both seem pretty laid back and confident without coming across as cocky.  When Samuel first came on screen, though, I figured I’d have trouble liking him because dreads and a nose ring?  No thank you.  But, man, if I can’t take my eyes off him when he’s on screen.  Of course it helps that he’s got one of my absolute favorite voices based on the little we’ve seen so far.

I’m intrigued to keep watching and see how my favorites change as I get to see more of the contestants.  Was anyone else pleasantly surprised by what they saw?  Any favorites yet (or least favorites)?

The Glee Project airs on Sundays at 9 on Oxygen.