I was a bad blogger last week and completely forgot to recap.  I watched it (obviously – how could I not?) but it just slipped my mind to share all my thoughts on the episode.  So I apologize for that.

This week was probably the most surprising episode yet this season.  I feel like every scene I was saying, “Oh my gosh!!”  There was so much going on that we didn’t see several characters at all like Toby, Jenna, or even good ol’ Ezra!  Since we’re on the topic, we may as well start with Aria.
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Another (mostly) awesome and ridiculous episode of PLL.  I’m going to recap it a little differently today mostly because my brain is really scattered right now and I feel like a bit of a scattered post.

Things That Were Awesome:

  • Creepy things going bump in the…greenhouse?  Is that where the girls were having their secret pow-wows?  Regardless, I loved that it was all atmospheric with the bumping and wind and creaking.
  • I’m starting to love Spencer’s sister more and more.  She’s always been a horrible sister/person but now she’s horrible and has secrets of her own.  I think the fact that they both know they’re lying makes every one of their conversations even more tense.  Love it. Continue reading


Summer’s guiltiest pleasure is back and the premiere did not disappoint.  “It’s Alive” focused primarily on the aftermath of last season’s finale and showed that Ian’s disapperance has completely changed the lives of our four girls.

Their parents have decided that it’s time their daughters go see a therapist to help them deal with Allison’s death.  They girls are none too pleased by this but go along at first, even coming close to opening up about their stalker, the malicious and awesome ‘A’.  I seriously love A.  She/he keeps getting better and better.  And by that I mean creepier and creepier.

The girls eventually decide they’d better tell someone about A and the therapist seems like a safe place to start since she’s obligated to keep their secret.  However, right as they’re about to open up Spencer notices Ezra’s diploma on the bookshelf.  They hightail it out of there.  So A had broken into Ezra’s house with the key he leaves under the mat, stolen his diploma, and placed it in the therapist’s office so the girls would see it.  I told you: creepy.

The other shocker dealing with A came in the last seconds of the episode where it was revealed that she had gone into Emily’s house posing as a potential buyer and was deleting the copies of the video they had made!  I saw that and literally went, “NOOOO!”  Everyone in this town already understandably thinks they’re crazy and now their only evidence of anything is gone.

The episode also dealt with each girl’s own personal (read: usually relationship related) problems.  Aria and Fitz are still doing their illegal student/teacher thing, Spencer and Toby are still hugging each other a lot, and Emily’s still moving to Texas.  Caleb also made an appearance to try to win Hanna back one last time.  She turned him down again and it seems he’s gone for real this time.  I’m glad to see Hanna sticking up for herself but I kind of ended up liking him a little.  Mostly, I just hate seeing Hanna so upset.

Oh! And one thing about Toby.  I’m loving him and Spencer being together because between that and Spencer being a suspect, she actually has a story line! Yay!  But, really, Toby?  The girl was almost murdered the night before and you break into her house to see her?  I realize knocking didn’t help you earlier in the episode, but at least call her or something first!  Poor girl was terrified.

Also revealed in the final few minutes: Ian is apparently alive or at least somebody is pretending to be Ian.  I feel like this was a fairly obvious turn of events and we don’t really know anything for sure yet (though these girls do love swan diving into conclusions) so I’m waiting to see how that plays out.

By the end of the episode, the girls had been told that they need to spend some time apart because their friendship isn’t healthy (duh).  So far that hasn’t affected anything because immediately after that they all went to see Spencer to talk about Ian but presumably that’s going to come into play soon.  I’m interested to see where they go with that and how A responds to it.

Overall, a solid start to what is hopefully a substance-free joy of a ride this summer.  Pretty Little Liars airs on ABC Family on Tuesdays at 8.


Tonight my favorite guilty pleasure returns with its season two premiere!  ABC Family’s teen soap comes back and things are as juicy as ever.  I can’t enough of all the antics that go on in this show from the romances to the secrets to the ever-present, manipulative “A.”

The season kicks off right where it left off with the aftermath of Ian’s attack, supposed death, and subsequent disappearance.  Can’t wait to see where all this goes!

Take a look at a sneak peak below.

Pretty Little Liars premieres tonight on ABC Family at 8.  Check back tomorrow for a recap!