Escapist Viewing is a site devoted to the pixelated joy that is television. Expect reviews, commentary, news, and anything else we find interesting and worthy of writing about.  It may very often be random and/or ridiculous.  It might sometimes even be insightful.  Either way, it will be fun.


Kayla – I’ve been told that my TV watching habits are either 1) a sickness that needs immediate attention or 2) a superpower.  I choose to believe the latter.  Though as much as I love the watching of television, I love talking about it with people even more, so I figured it was about time I take advantage of this fancy technology and start a blog!  Here’s to starting conversations!

Katie – I’ve been told very little about my TV watching habits, but I tend to understand what I’ve viewed best upon discussion, so I’m very pleased to be able to do so here, perhaps to the assistance of others. I will be covering White Collar and Covert Affairs, and I will assist Kayla with Doctor Who. L’chaim!


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