DOCTOR WHO Comic Con Preview!

So at the Doctor Who panel at Comic Con today they released a new preview for the second half of season six and my brain exploded upon watching it. Kaboom.  No more brain.

But really, this looks amazing.  There’s Hitler, Silence, River, and Weeping Angels.  Not to mention the Doctor in a tux (more please!) and Craig from “The Lodger” making an appearance!!  We seriously have to wait? Patiently and everything?


3 thoughts on “DOCTOR WHO Comic Con Preview!

  1. Well, maybe not patiently. But we do have to wait until August 17. I’m also quite pleased to see that Amy gets a sword (the world needs more swords, I think) and did anyone else spot a Cyberman?

    Also, for an adorable picture of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, see the EW Comic-Con photo gallery link below:,,20399642_20512585,00.html#20992484

  2. I had help. I noticed it but didn’t register the Cyberman (and what he suggests) until a YouTube comment caught my eye.

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