As Darren Criss, the guest mentor again this week, pointed out, “pairability” is not actually a word but it was a heck of a good episode.

The homework assignment was to sing “Need You Now” in predetermined couples.  This was easily the most awkward part of the episode and it was entirely because of Matheus and Alex.  They were just not believable in the least and I cringed whenever their parts came around.  I completely agreed with Darren’s decision to give it to Marissa with Samuel a close second.  Marissa’s actually getting some recognition, guys! 

And it was very smart of her to pick Samuel as her partner for the main challenge.  Much as I love Cameron (and it is a LOT) he was clearly not super comfortable with the whole being romantic thing.  That’s not to say he didn’t sell it when he needed to but she made the right choice going with Samuel instead.

So this week, as I’ve kind of hinted at, they were split into pairs (hence, “pairability”) and they sang duets.  This meant we got four mini-videos instead of one big one.  The pairs were as follows:

  • Damian and Matheus: “The Lady is a Tramp”
  • Hannah and Alex: “Nowadays”
  • Marissa and Samuel: “Don’t You Want Me”
  • Lindsay and Cameron: “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

First up were Damian and Matheus.  This was easily the worst of the duets.  Nothing about it worked: the vocals, the dancing, the chemistry, the setting, etc.  I’m likely biased because I’ve never really liked Matheus, but I blame him for this failure.  My poor darling Damian was trying so hard to make it work, but it didn’t.

Hannah and Alex performed one of my two favorite videos of the night with the Chicago classic.  Theirs was surprisingly simple.  With both their huge voices and personalities plus Alex in drag it could have easily been over the top.  But it was flawless.  Not to mention, Alex made a beautiful (and believable) woman.  Loved!

Marissa and Samuel had my other favorite.  Those two were incredible together!  The fact that the video was all 80’s campy fun made it even better.  And yes, this kiss was good but even without it it would have been great.  Also, their voices sounded amazing together.

My other least favorite was the last.  Cameron actually was doing well but Lindsay was not good.  I could see her calculating what she needed to do to play the part rather than just performing.  Sure, they didn’t have any chemistry but I think at least Cameron was trying without trying too hard.  And that was a jerk move to kiss him when she knew he’d be upset about it.  Plus, how on earth did she think that would help their video?  It just came across as uncomfortable.  Not to mention desperate.

The bottom three couples did last chance performances so only Marissa and Samuel were safe.  Hannah and Alex were awesome with “Valerie” and Hannah was quickly safe.  Cameron and Lindsay did fine with “River Deep, Mountain High” though I couldn’t help comparing it to the Glee version which was one of my favorites they’ve ever done on that show.  And Damian and Matheus had another awkward number with “These Boots Were Made for Walking” though Damian again made the best of it and was rewarded with safety (yay Damian!).

In the end Alex, Cameron, and Matheus were in the bottom three with Matheus finally going home! Woohoo!

And can we just talk about Ryan Murphy with his little comment about how “I’ve always wanted to do a Christian character and Cameron’s a Christian!”  First of all, Ryan Murphy, I’m sick of having to have these conversations with you.  Secondly, you already have a Christian character on the show.  Her name’s Quinn and you have completely dropped the ball on that.  Finally, and listen closely: just because Cameron’s a Christian doesn’t mean that’s the one and only possible character he could play.  Here’s why: he shouldn’t be playing Cameron with a different name!  ARGH!

In other news, I now have a top 4 instead of a top 3 because I can’t choose.  In no particular order: Samuel, Marissa, Damian, Cameron.  Next week’s apparently about tenacity and they all get slushied!  So that should be fun.


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